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Double Dragon is enjoying the fame as one of the best Cantonese cuisine spots among Chinese food lovers in Guelph. We at Double Dragon strive hard to bring the most aromatic Chinese food on the table that can be enjoyed with friend and family. Get prompt local food delivery in Guelph by choosing from our big variety of delicious Chinese dishes.

Our diverse menu will enchant your taste buds with authentic Chinese dishes such as Appetizers, Soups, Chop Suey, Noodles, Egg Foo Yong, Fried Rice Dishes Vegetables, Combination Plates and many chef specials.

Double Dragon Guelph: About us!

Get the best and most authentic Chinese food for the best price here at Double dragon Guelph. Our restaurant offers an incredible selection of dishes with almost 200 choices for you to choose from. Finding something for everyone has never been this easy! 

Aside from our dizzying array of choices, we also provide the easiest and most comfortable ordering option. You can take your time and browse our menu or you can reach us fast with just a few clicks through our online services. 

If you are having a hard time choosing the best meal out of all our delicious dishes, you can select from our 8 different combination plates for a single person or group dinner. Just pick one and enjoy it, it’s that easy. 

If you want to know more about our restaurant, then you must continue reading because we’re about to spice it up with things you probably didn’t know about us! Learn everything you need to know about us in our store’s brief history.

Double Dragon Guelph: Our origin

Double Dragon restaurant is enjoying fame as one of the best Cantonese cuisine spots among Chinese lovers in Guelph. Our store serves only the best and most authentic dishes that truly captures the unique taste of the Eastern borders. 

We at Double Dragon strive hard to bring the most aromatic and gastronomically tempting Chinese dishes on the table for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. 

If you are more comfortable eating at your home, we can also deliver! Simply give us a call and place your order. We provide take out and delivery to anywhere in Guelph. All you have to do is sit down, relax, and wait for us to serve you with hot and fresh food. Get a prompt local food delivery in Guelph when you order from one of our full-course dinner choices.  

Contact us!

Not in the mood to go out? Are you tired of always waiting in line? Wait no more because Double Dragon’s online shop is now open. Visit our website and select your favourite meals from our menu. 

You can place your order using your mobile devices so you can order anytime and anywhere. Wherever you are in Guelph we’ll be there. Give us a call now or visit us directly from our site. We look forward to serving you with hot and fresh food to enjoy!

Full course dinner choices:

Dinner for 2 $19.80

  • Ideal to share between two people
  • 2 egg rolls
  • Sweet and sour chicken balls
  • Chicken chop suey
  • Chicken fried chicken 
  • Fortune cookies
  • Add $3.20 for vegetable Lo Mein

Dinner for 4 $30.00 

  • Ideal to share between 4 people
  • 4 egg rolls
  • Beef with mixed vegetables 
  • Chicken chop suey 
  • Sweet and sour chicken balls 
  • Breaded shrimp 
  • Chicken fried rice
  • Fortune cookies
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