Double Dragon: Best Foods for Chinese New Year!

Double Dragon: Best Foods for Chinese New Year!

Ni hao! As one of the best Cantonese cuisine spots in Canada, we enjoy serving you the best Chinese food on your plate. Our diverse menu will encourage you to try the best authentic Chinese dishes such as food sets, dishes and vegetables. 

Hungry? Grab your chopsticks, ready your chinese language as here are the top foods for the Chinese New Year. 


One of China’s lucky foods is dumplings. It is popular and enjoyed by people worldwide. In China, dumpling is not only treated as a staple food but also an important dish for various festivals in the Chinese New Year. The Chinese name for the dumping is jiaozi meaning “change of years”. The flavor of the dumpling is salty and can be cooked through boiling or steaming. Dumplings are symbols for wealth, that is why these foods are shaped like an ancient Chinese gold ingot. The Chinese put a twist on Chinese New Year with dumplings by putting lucky coins inside the food and playing a game where the guests have to find the dumplings with the lucky coins. It is said that those who will find these coins can get the best of luck in the new year.

Chinese New Year fish

The Chinese New Year Fishes are salty fishes that can be cooked through cooking or braising. Popularly known as “Yu” which means surplus and fortune. The name Yu is used in a Chinese speech  “Nian Nian You yu”, meaning “May you have surpluses and bountiful harvests every year”. 

Be careful, however, for this dish has rules when eating. The Chinese follow these rules lest they get unlucky in their daily lives. 

1. Don’t turn the fish over after eating one side, this means unlucky in Chinese Culture.

2. To respect the elders, the head of the fish should be placed toward the elders or distinguished guests.

3. As a symbol of completeness, the chinese people eat the middle part of the fish on New Year’s Eve and leave the head and tail until the next day.

Glutinous Rice Balls

Also known as Tangyuan and Yuanxiao (two types of the food), Glutinous Rice Balls are lucky food during the Yuanxiao Festival (Lantern Festival). In some places in Southern China, these rice balls are used as a Chinese New Year food. The dough of Tangyuan is made by glutinous rice powder with stuffings such as bean, paste, brown sugar, fruits, and nuts. It can be cooked through boiling. 

This food symbolizes completeness and family reunion with its round shape. The Glutinous Rice Balls have two types, the Tangyuan and Yuanxiao. The Tangyauan originated from South China while Yuanxiao in North China. The two foods differ in how they were made. The Tangyuan is made wrapped first, stuffed with the filling then kneaded into a ball while the Yuanxiao filling, on the other hand, is divided into small balls first, and then put into a sifter with flour.

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