Double Dragon Guelph: Top 5 popular drinks in China!

Double Dragon Guelph: Top 5 popular drinks in China!

We welcome you to Double Dragon Guelph! We are a restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine with its most exotic and oriental flavours. It is our mission to bring you an authentic Chinese dining experience that is out of this world. Of course, to give you the complete experience we offer not just amazing food, but also unique drinks!

There is nothing like a delicious Chinese takeout when it comes to ending a long day in bliss. If the food isn’t enough, a good choice of beverage will surely put a blast to your day. Check out our handpicked best beverages to enjoy in Double Dragon Guelph:

Top 5 most popular Chinese beverages!

Top beverage #1: Bai Mudan

Bai Mudan is a special type of Chinese white tea that is also known as a white peony. The ingredients for the tea are handpicked during spring, specifically at Fujian. It is a traditional tea that has minimal processing so the flavour will remain fresh and robust. 

It is praised for its subtle sweetness, refreshing flavour, and the typical herbaceous and earthy notes commonly observed in teas. But what makes this tea special is its light floral and fruity nuances. 

Top beverage #2: Erguotou

This special beverage is a variety of popular baijiu that is distilled from fermented sorghum. The name for this beverage roughly translates as head of the second pot, which refers to the manufacturing process of double distillation used to make Erguotou. 

It is the perfect drink for those who are looking for a little more punch in their drink. The string flavour will go well with any of your favourite meat dishes!

Top beverage #3: Hong Kong-style milk tea 

Milk tea is making rounds in the world as one of the most popular beverages. However, not all milk teas are created equal. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely include Hong Kong-style milk tea in your next order. 

This beverage has a creamy and smooth texture that feels like velvet in your mouth. It is made with a combination of water, black tea, sugar, and fresh milk. 

Top beverage #4: Pu Erh

The world-famous Pu Erh tea, also known as vintage tea, is produced exclusively in Yunnan province of China. This flavourful and unique blend grows even more delicious as it ages. The scent and taste become mellow and smooth, just the perfect level to soothe your throat and bring you relaxation. 

Top beverage #5: Mijiu

Mijiu is a universal term for popular Chinese rice wine. It is believed to be the first of its kind and therefore has been a part of the Chinese traditional meals. The smooth and velvety wine is made with fermented glutinous rice that has a mellow hint of sweetness.

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