Double Dragon: The history of Chinese Cuisine

Double Dragon: The history of Chinese Cuisine

For the Chinese, food is one of the most important foundations of their culture. Most Chinese people believe in the old saying that food is the first necessity of the nation. For thousands of years, they considered the cuisine as an ancient art form to be respected. Countless generations have refined and cultivated the Chinese cuisine as we know it today. 

Philosophy of Chinese cuisine

Many people may not know it but Chinese cuisine is heavily influenced by the politics and economy of the country for thousands of years. One of the greatest contributors to the growth of this is some of the teachings of Confucius. 

The great philosopher that brought to life the Confucian way of life established various standards of cooking and table manners. These practices are still practised today by modern Chinese people. 

Here are some of the table manners that the famous scholar taught the people of China:

  1. Every social gathering by the Chinese people almost always include food. Not having enough food during these events are considered bad decorum in their culture.
  2. Meat and vegetables should be cut into bite-sized pieces before being served on the dinner table. Using knives are considered bad table manners in their culture.
  3. The blending of ingredients and flavours to make a delicious dish is a must in their culture because it promotes harmony on the dinner table. 
  4. Dish presentation is considered as one of the most important table etiquettes by the well-known scholar. He wants people to understand that people should ‘live to eat’ rather than creating meals just for the sake of surviving. 

On the contrary, Taoism teaches their people to view food as a source of nourishment rather than only seeing the beauty and flavours. For them, survival is rooted in the nutrients you get from your meals rather than living for the glory of food. 

Chinese cuisine and health

Nutritious food has been part of the Chinese diet for centuries. They have used all sorts of plants, herbs and spices to give their food a tasty kick without compromising its nutritional value. Also, even though a lot of these meals are rich in meat and poultry, they still maintain the nutritional value by adding a lot of vegetables and other healthy herbs. There is also little to no use of dairy products among any Chinese food which makes it a lot healthier compared to various cultural cuisines around the world. 

About Double Dragon

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