Basic etiquette you should know in Chinese restaurants

China dining culture is one of the most intriguing concepts in the world. With their systemic approach to things, Chinese people have a specific way through which they express their dining habits and tendencies. 

From their utensils to their table etiquettes, Chinese people have a special catering culture that appeals to people from different cultures. If you’re planning to eat at a Chinese restaurant, here are some of the table etiquettes you should know about!

Be wary of the seating arrangement 

In Chinese culture, the best seating position on the table is on the left side, east facing the gate, and the eldest will be seated in the middle. On the other side is where waiters and dishwashers will be seated. If you’re attending a buffet or a banquet, you should remember that all the elders should be seated first before you proceed to the table. 

Learn how to order the Chinese way 

One of the things you should know about when eating at a Chinese restaurant is that you order your food. If you’re the host, you need to ask other attendees opinions about the menu before you have it made. 

If you’re one of the guests, it’s best to stick with common dishes and sides before you order the main course. Remember that in Chinese dining culture, it looks respectable to other people at the table if you show that you have a restricted diet. 

Mind your soup 

In Chinese culture, one of the things you should be mindful of is your manner of sipping soup. It is considered rude if you sip your soup with a loud sound, so make sure you drink your soup quietly, especially when you’re dining with Chinese locals. 

Eat slowly 

When you’re dining in a Chinese restaurant, you have to be aware of your eating pace. Make sure that you don’t eat like you’re in a race because Chinese people will view this as rude behaviour at the table. 

If you want to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth 

If you feel like you want to sneeze or cough while you’re at a table, make sure that you cover your mouth and nose. Turn to the other side of the table to make sure that you don’t offend other people. Moreover, if you have an extreme cough and you’re dining with people, say ‘excuse me’ and go to the washroom to relieve yourself of the cough. 

Use your chopsticks properly 

In Chinese culture, you must know how to use your chopsticks. Be wary of how you use them because Chinese people are very particular about how a person uses chopsticks. Avoid stabbing your food on your plate using your chopsticks because this is deemed rude, especially at the dinner table.

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