Double Dragon: Traditional Chinese dishes you should try

Savour the taste of these traditional dishes that will take you to different Chinese regions and provinces with every bite. Begin your journey with the most popular foods that keep people from all over the world hooked!

Chow mein

A Chinese meal won’t be complete without a bowl of delicious chow mein. This dish is made from fried noodles and flavoured with a signature sauce that includes light sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and cornstarch. To give it a special and authentic taste, chicken broth is added to the noodles. 

There are numerous variations of chow mein and you’ll find how each one differs through the different cooking methods and ingredients varying from every restaurant, household or region. Whether this noodle dish is made from chow mein noodles or traditional Chinese egg noodles, it will surely taste heavenly.

Rou jia mo/ Chinese hamburger

Rou jia mo means ‘mean in a bun’ in Chinese which bears resemblance to the Western hamburger. It is made from pan-baked buns filled with a meaty filling of shredded pork belly. The meat is seasoned with over 20 kinds of fresh herbs and spices that give it a delicious fusion of flavours.


This is a sweet steamed bun which means ‘a little package’ in Chinese as it contains a savoury filling of meat or vegetables. Locals also make other varieties of this snack that use red bean paste as filling. 

Baozi comes in two types as dàbāo, which means big bun and xiǎobāo, referring to small buns. People of all ages enjoy these delicious buns as they are soft, with hints of moderate sweetness. This is best eaten with dipping sauces including vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce and chilli paste.

Xiao long bao/Soup dumplings

Xiao long bao is a widely popular Chinese dish that has become available in many parts of the world because of its unique cooking and eating method. This steamed dumpling is filled with pork stock, chicken or cured ham packed with collagen. P

When cold, the filling solidifies and turns into a gelatinous lump. It is then wrapped in a delicate dumpling wrapper to hold the filling. Once the dumpling is steamed, the broth gelatin melts, giving you hot and tasty soup.

Zha jiang mian/Fried sauce noodles

Originating in Shandong province, this dish is made with freshly cooked and thick wheat noodles. It is combined with special zha jiang sauce made from fermented soybean paste and ground pork. What makes this dish interesting is that the sauce used to season the noodles vary depending on which province you visit.

Cong you bing/Scallion pancakes

Also known as green onion pancake, this is a staple food in many Chinese households. To make scallion pancakes, the unleavened flatbread uses batter instead of dough. It is then folded with minced scallions and oil and pan-fried to give it a crispy and flaky texture. 

Inside the pancake are numerous layers of flatbread that give it a chewy texture. This snack also comes in many varieties that use different fillings and flavours.

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