Double Dragon Guelph: Chinese cuisine menu

Craving for some Chinese takeout after a long and exhausting day? If your answer is yes, then you don’t need to look no further! We welcome you to Double Dragon Guelph! We are a restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine with its most exotic and oriental flavours. It is our mission to bring you an authentic Chinese dining experience that is out of this world.

Unlike any other Chinese restaurant, Double Dragon takes pride in serving only the best and freshest ingredients that brings out the exquisite flavour of these oriental dishes. Our world-class chefs will take you on a gastronomic ride that will fill your palate with taste and flavours that can only be experienced with the top-class service of Double Dragon. Check out our wide selection of Chinese dishes and feel your mouth water with anticipation! 

Bestsellers from Double Dragon:

Every dish in Double Dragon Guelph gives a satisfying taste and flavour that will leave you craving for more, however, we do have dishes that stand out even among the rest. Check out the best of the best in our menu. Here’s our shop’s bestsellers that will surely get you hook, line, and sinker for a taste of authentic Chinese!

  • Sweet and sour chicken balls $8
  • Fried rice $9
  • Lo Mein $8
  • Egg roll 1.20
  • Spring roll $1.20


Double Dragon Guelph has one of the widest variety of choices when it comes to Chinese cuisine. We believe that by expanding our menu we can provide you with more options to satisfy your cravings. Whatever you’d like to have we are sure that we have it here. Tickle your taste buds and enjoy a blissfully satisfying meal with our authentic Chinese cuisine!


Start your meal right with these amazing choices for appetizers!  

  • Spring rolls $1.20
  • Egg roll $1.20
  • Deep-fried wonton $5
  • Jar Doo chicken wings $8
  • Honey spare ribs $9
  • BBQ pork slices $8.50
  • BBQ Spare ribs $9

Chicken dishes 

Hooray for the chicken lovers! This option is just for you. Spice up your favourite chicken dish with these amazing flavours.

  • Sweet and sour chicken balls $8
  • Sesame Chicken $8.50
  • Lemon Chicken $8
  • Sweet and sour chicken with pineapples $8
  • Almond soo gai 48
  • Spicy chicken chunks $8.50
  • Deep-fried chicken wings with spicy salt $8.50
  • Chicken with black bean sauce $8
  • Curry Chicken $8.50
  • Honey garlic chicken wings $8
  • Lemon Soo Gai  $8
  • Chicken with mixed vegetables $8
  • Chicken with Orange sauce $8
  • Chicken with vegetable and almonds $8
  • Chicken with diced vegetables and cashew nuts $8
  • Chicken with mushrooms $8.75
  • Chicken with broccoli in hot sauce $8

Lo Mein and rice noodles

Feeling a little cold? Worry not, we got just the thing to warm up your day!

  • Lo Mein $8 
  • Singapore chow fun $8.50
  • Stir-fried beef udon noodles 9$
  • Shanghai fried noodles $9
  • Cantonese chow mein $7.50
  • Beef stew chow mein $9.50
  • Beef chow fun with black bean garlic sauce $8.50
  • Fried beef chow fun $8.50
  • Tai bing chow fun $9

Fried rice dishes

It’s not Asian cuisine if it doesn’t involve rice. Check out our special fried rice dish!

  • Fried rice $9

Pork and beef 

Experience the rich flavours of pork and beef with these authentic Chinese recipes!

  • Sweet and sour pork with pineapples $8
  • Beef with broccoli $8
  • Sesame pork $8.50
  • Black pepper sauce with beef tenderloin $10.50
  • Sliced beef with mushrooms $9
  • Spicy pork chop with salt and pepper $11
  • Pork chop peking style $9.95
  • Curry beef $9
  • Beef tenderloin chinese style $9.95
  • Beef with diced vegetables and almonds $8
  • Beef with snow peas $9
  • Sliced beef and bean curd $8.50
  • Spare ribs with black bean sauce $9
  • Sliced beef with black bean and garlic sauce $8.50
  • Sliced beef with ginger and onion $9
  • Oyster sauce beef $9
  • BBQ pork and bean curd $8
  • Sliced beef with mixed vegetables $8
  • BBQ pork with vegetables and almonds $8


Enjoy a spectacular dinner with your loved ones with these food bundles from us!

  • Special dinner for four $23.50
  • Special dinner for four with vegetable Lo Mein $26.70


Indulge yourself with a bowl of flavourful broth with our soup choices!

  • Hot and sour soup (small) $3
  • Wonton soup (small) $3
  • Crab meat with fish maw soup (small) $5
  • Wonton noodle soup $5
  • Beef egg drop soup $3
  • Chicken corn soup (small) $3
  • Chicken noodle soup (small) $3
  • Mushroom with egg drop soup (small) $3

Combination plates 

  • Combination eight $7.50
  • Combination plate one $8
  • Combination seven $6.85
  • Combination plate two $7
  • Combination plate three $7.50
  • Combination plate five $6.85
  • Combination plate six $8
  • Combination plate four $8


Bring healthy and delicious together in one amazing dish.

  • Vegetables with almond $6.95
  • Baby bok choy with garlic sauce $7
  • Sauteed mixed vegetables $6.95
  • Vegetarian buddha’s delight $7
  • Deep-fried bean curd with vegetables $6.95
  • Sauteed broccoli $6.95
  • Snow peas with water chestnuts $8

Full course dinners 

Having trouble selecting the best options from our menu? Worry no more! Here are some sets that are handpicked by us.

  • Dinner for four with vegetables Lo Mein $33.20
  • Dinner for four $30
  • Dinner for two $19.8
  • Dinner for two with vegetable Lo Mein $23
  • Dinner for three with vegetable Lo Mein $28.70
  • Dinner for six with vegetable Lo Mein $52.20
  • Dinner for five $41
  • Dinner for three $25.50
  • Dinner for five with vegetable Lo Mein $44.20
  • Dinner for six $49


Make every meal extra special with our special menu!

  • Seafood chow mein $12.95
  • Canttonese Chow Mein $11.95
  • Butterfly shrimp $9.95
  • Shrimp hawaiian $10.50
  • Tai Dop Voy $9.50
  • Korean shrimp $9.95
  • Seafood noodle soup $8
  • Moo koo steak kew $10.50

Szechuan dishes

Get an authentic taste of Szechuan with these gastronomic dishes.

  • Szechuan beef extra spicy $8.50
  • Kung bo shrimp $extra spicy $8.50
  • Chicken chunks with hot spicy sauce $8.50
  • Spicy eggplant with meat sauce extra spicy $9
  • Kung bo diced chicken extra spicy $8
  • Szechuan chicken extra spicy $8
  • Sauteed green bean with minced pork $8
  • Satay beef extra spicy $9
  • Spicy bean curd with meat sauce extra spicy $8

Seafood dishes

Taste the fresh flavours of the sea!

  • Breaded shrimp with lemon $8.50
  • Deep-fried squid with salt and pepper extra spicy $9.50
  • Fried mussel $10.50
  • Extra spicy and pepper salt shrimp (with no shell) $9.50
  • Sweet and sour fish with pineapples $10.50
  • Three kinds of seafood with vegetables 10.50
  • Shrimp with lobster sauce $9
  • Curry shrimp extra spicy $9
  • Sauteed scallop with vegetables $10.50
  • Shrimp with diced vegetables and almonds $11
  • Shrimp with ginger and onion $8.50
  • Shrimp with mixed vegetables $8.50
  • Shrimp with scrambled eggs $9
  • Stir fried fish with snow peas $9
  • Deep fried shrimp with salt and pepper extra spicy (with shell) $10.50
  • Shrimp with snow peas $9


  • Ice tea $1
  • Canned soda $1
  • Water $1

Rice dishes 

  • Steamed rice $3.45
  • Beef with curry sauce on rice extra spicy $6.50
  • Sesame chicken on rice $6.50
  • Beef bean curd on rice $6.50
  • Beef with vegetable on rice $6.50
  • Shrimp with scrambled egg on rice $7.50
  • Sliced chicken with vegetables on rice $6.5
  • Sweet and sour pork on rice $6.50
  • Beef with blacck bean sauce on rice $6.50
  • BBQ pork with bean curd on rice $6.50
  • Stew beef with vegetables on rice $8.50
  • Sliced chicken with bean sauce on rice $6.50

Chop suey 

  • Double dragon special chop suey $6.50

Egg foo young

  • Egg foo young with shrimps and vegetables $6.5


  • Chinese congee with century egg $6


  • Fried bean curd with assorted seafood casserole $10.50
  • Seafood with bean curd $10.50
  • Braised beef brisket with dried bean curd $10.50

How to get the best Chinese food in town!

Is your mouth watering yet from all the exciting items from our menu? What are you waiting for? Satisfy your cravings right now with Double Dragon! 

  1. After visiting our website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “order online”.
  2. Upon clicking on the order online button, you will be redirected to a page containing our menu. Select your order then.
  3. Once you are done selecting your order and checking your total, you can type in your address. 
  4. You can select your preferred method of payment from either of the following options:
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American express
  • Discover
  1. Lastly, wait for your food and enjoy the authentic Chinese flavours of Double Dragon!
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