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Double Dragon Guelph: Special menu items that you shouldn’t miss out!

Chinese is among the most popular cuisines in the world and it isn’t hard to see why. Its burst of unique flavours and captivating aroma has everyone, even the non-natives, craving for more. Such an indulgent taste has inspired many restaurants to create their own Chinese cuisine themed menu. But, only one restaurant can capture the unique flavours of Chinese cuisine!

Welcome to Double Dragon Guelph! We are a Chinese restaurant that offers not just your regular Chinese food, but the authentic flavours of the orient. It is our goal to capture the essence of Chinese food brought about by the tradition of excellence in cooking. Are you ready to taste the unique and addictive flavour of the far east? Join us at Black Dragon for the best Chinese dining experience! 

Double Dragon menu is a treasure chest of delicious Chinese dishes. But, even among these wonderful choices, we still have a few that stand above the rest. Check out what’s on our special menu for dishes that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Special Menu 

Special item #1: Seafood Chow Mein 

Double Dragon’s special seafood chow mein is made with the finest quality ingredients in the market. The dish is a wonderful combination of our handmade fried noodles, squids, shrimp, and fresh vegetables. Get it in an extra-large size for only $12.95!

Special item #2: Cantonese Chow Mein

Cantonese chow mein is a special Chinese stir-fried noodle sauteed with fresh vegetables and meat. Double Dragon’s chow mein is dozed with our special sauce that makes it irresistible for everyone! Get it in an extra-large size for only $11.95!

Special item #3: Butterfly shrimp

Double Dragon’s butterfly shrimp offers the fresh taste of the sea and the authentic flavour of Chinese seasoning. It is an easy to eat dish that is made with shrimp split and open folded with bacon. The delicious combination is dipped in our handmade breading to add crispy goodness to every bite. Get a full serving of this amazing dish for only $9.95.

Special item #4: Shrimp Hawaiian

With this special item, we decide to spice things up by adding in a little Hawaiian flavour using their seasonal fruits! It is made of fresh shrimp deep-fried in egg batter, sauteed with pineapple, lychee, ginger, and a sweet pungent sauce. Get a taste of this unique fusion for only $10.50!

Special item #5: Moo Koo steak kew

Double Dragon’s special Moo Koo steak kew is made with handpicked nuts, cubes of beef steak combined with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and Chinese vegetables. It is a definite must-try for those who are craving for a saucy and flavourful Chinese meal! Get it for only $10.50.

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